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Our Patients' Stories

  "It is easily the most devastating experience to learn that your child has a life-threatening chronic disease. You quickly seek out those that will help ensure their health and happiness. We found those people at MU Children's Hospital, and we are eternally grateful to them for the work they do."
- Michelle Kemp, mother of cystic fibrosis patient Jayla
   "My daughter would not be
doing the amazing and incredible things she is doing without Children's Hospital and Children's Miracle Network."
- Renee Luebbering, mother of Cassidy Rae, who has cerebral palsy and other health conditions
   "She gets to live a normal life. That's what we want for her."
-  Sylvie Carpentier, mother of leukemia cancer survivor Pascale of Columbia
   "The NICU nurses assured me that no matter what Claire's difficulties might be, she would overcome. Those words were a balm of encouragement in the most difficult season of our lives."
- Felicity White of Marshall, whose daughter spent 115 days in the neonatal intensive care unit
   "I have so much respect for the doctors and nurses and all of
the support staff at Children's Hospital. They've treated Jeffrey with so much respect and love."
- Stuart Mullen, father of cystic fibrosis patient Jeffrey of Columbia
   "The night Margaret was flown in, one of the trauma doctors had a Superman shirt on and I commented to my wife, 'tonight, he'd better be Superman.'  They all were.  Without the wonderful staff at MU Hospital, Margaret would not be with us today.  We cannot ever thank you enough."
- Eric Romph, father of Margaret, who is now a quadriplegic and ventilator dependent after a car accident
   "I think the way the staff educated him from the beginning helped him be less afraid. Not knowing is scary for children. They can handle a lot if they just know."
-  Shirley Hines of Novelty, whose son is a cancer survivor
  "They take care of me and make me breathe better."
- Kelsey, who has cystic fibrosis
   "The Children's Hospital staff are a group of professional doctors and nurses who treat you like part of their own family. We are never treated as if we are just another patient.  Our family is extremely grateful for the wonderful care that our son, Grayson, receives."
- Ray Smith of Jefferson City whose son is a cancer survivor
   "Children's Hospital means everything to me. Without the expertise of the physicians and nurses of the NICU, our boys would not be here today."
-  Julie Edwards, whose sons were born at 26 weeks and spent more than 100 days in the neonatal intensive care unit
   "The care that the Children's Hospital staff provided our family was, without question, the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. They treated her, but they supported us through those very difficult times, when we would have lost our beautiful girl without their help. I can't thank them enough."
- Kate Basi, whose daughter has had chronic respiratory problems
   "We were extremely pleased with the quality care our daughter received at Women's and Children's Hospital.  Everyone, from the doctors and nurses to the cleaning staff, was so caring and friendly. We really felt that they had as much concern for our daughter as we did. They treated us like members of their own family."
- Amy Dittmer, whose daughter had a  respiratory virus as an infant
   "When you meet other families at the hospital, you realize there is always someone who has it worse than you. Because, even though my daughters have this disease, and even though they get sick and hurt more than I would ever wish for, I get to bring them home with me."
- Toni Westbrooks, mother of Jade, who has sickle cell anemia
   "In hindsight, we know how lucky we got. It's been one blessing after another with Clara."
- Diana Smith, mother of Clara, who weighed less than a Coke bottle when she was born and spent 15 weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit at Children's Hospital
   "There was no need to go anywhere except Columbia. That's probably the best decision we made."
- Tracy Higgins of Jefferson City, mother of Kennadie, who has Type 1 diabetes
   "Because I don't look sick, a lot of people don't understand why I miss school. My close friends know I have sickle cell, but a lot of people don't know what that means."
- Laya, 16, of Jefferson City who is treated for sickle cell anemia at Children's Hospital
   "Because we had such a good experience with the birth of my daughter at University of Missouri Health Care, we decided to have my son, Benjamin, at the Family Birth Center. The doctors and nurses at the Family Birth Center made us feel like we were the only patients they were caring for."
- Ann Ellebracht, whose son was born in 2010 at the Family Birth Center at Children's Hospital
   "At the first visit, I found such caring and compassionate physicians. I knew MU Children's Hospital was the one for us."
- Lora Roberts, who visits Children's Hospital from Tulsa, Okla., for treatment of her son's severe scoliosis
   "I like knowing that my daughter is being taken care of by doctors who keep up with the latest pediatric care. And I like knowing that if something does go wrong, Children's Hospital has experts right here in Columbia to take care of her."
- Jade Hockman, Kyra's dad
   "After all the treatments are done, Children's Hospital is a joyful, happy place to be."
- Derek Underwood, 12, who has cystic fibrosis
   "We love the staff at Children's Hospital. They are becoming like family. They are all so caring and compassionate."
- Sharon Newman, whose son has leukemia
   "It's a great place. I wouldn't take my kids anywhere else. They're like family here."
- Carla Elliott, whose daughter has a chronic blood disorder that requires them to travel to Children's Hospital from Bunceton for weekly treatments
   "Before my son had surgery, the doctors answered all of our questions. They drew us pictures and broke it down on our level so we would understand what was  going on."
- Lindsey Bennett, whose 2-month-old son recently had surgery to correct an abnormality with his liver
   "As a parent, I cannot say enough about the great care my daughter  received in the emergency room at MU Women's and Children's  Hospital. Joelle was treated for  pneumonia there, and the nurses  who took care of her were so caring and did such a great job. They made a frightening experience better - for both of us."
Jeff Hoelscher, Joelle's Dad
   "Women's and Children's Hospital gave us the greatest gift! They helped Sidney take her first steps at the age of 10. Now she is in control of her destiny."
- Mary Barnes, whose daughter is a pediatric rehabilitation patient at Children's Hospital
   "I am so happy with Joi's doctor at MU Health Care. I was able to ask her questions and get straight forward answers about my baby's medical situation before I adopted my baby girl. When I brought Joi home to live with me, I knew exactly where she would go for well check-ups and medical services. Nothing but the best for my Joi."
- Jessie Bradley, Joi's mom
   "My husband and I had our son, Kenneth, at MU Women's and Children's Hospital's Family Birth Center. The nurses and staff made us very comfortable during our stay and took care of us so that we were able to focus on our newborn son."
- Beverly Hoelscher, Kenneth's Mom

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