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Missouri Neurosciences Center

What are the treatments?
It is important we find out what is causing the seizures in order for treatment to be determined. Some common causes are:

  • Blood vessel abnormalities
  • Brain malformations
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Head trauma
  • Stroke
  • Tumors

How are seizures diagnosed?
The full extent of the seizure may not be completely understood immediately after onset of symptoms, but may be revealed with a comprehensive medical evaluation and diagnostic testing. The diagnosis of a seizure is made after a physical examination and diagnostic tests that may include:

  • Blood tests
  • MRI
  • EEG (records the brain's electrical movement using electrodes attached to the scalp)
  • CT scan (taken by a machine that combines multiple images into multidimensional views, more detailed than a typical x-ray)
  • Spinal tap (a special needle measures the pressure in the spinal canal and brain)

What are the treatment options?
Epilepsy has multiple possible causes. The treatment is patient and cause specific. There is no medical cure for epilepsy, though surgical and various medication treatments are available. If you think you might have epilepsy, it is best to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians to find out which option best fits your situation.

To schedule an appointment with one of our epilepsy specialists, please call (573) 882-1515.

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