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forYOU Team - Caring for Our Own

Operational since 2007, the forYOU Team is sponsored by University of Missouri Health System (MUHS) under the direction of the Office of Clinical Effectiveness (OCE) to support second victims within our health system network. The forYOU Team provides a form of 'emotional first aid' specifically designed to provide crisis support and stress management interventions for particularly stressful clinical events such as traumatic clinical events, failure of rescue efforts following prolonged intervention, adverse patient outcome related to a medical error, the death of a child, and any other event that is unusually emotionally challenging and stressful in our healthcare environment.

We have Health care clinicians (MDs, nurses, RT and managers) who have been specifically trained to assist staff in this type of situation. 

Share Your Story

The University of Missouri Health Care's second victim research team has been studying the impact of unanticipated clinical events on clinicians since 2006. With each new clinician account, we learn more about the second victim phenomenon. We would love to hear your second victim story. Please share information regarding your event as you feel comfortable.

PLEASE do not include any patient specific or facility specific details (i.e. no names, hospitals, physicians, staff involved etc.) It is estimated that the survey will take about 20 minutes to complete. Your responses will be maintained in an anonymous and confidential manner.

We would love to hear your story! Please help us learn more by clicking on the link below to share your story. 

Share Your Story

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The forYOU team research group

forYOU Team

The forYOU Team Goal

The ultimate goal of the forYOU Team is to help health care professionals at MU Health Care return to pre-event baseline performance following a traumatic patient event.

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We are available anytime day or night via our pager 573-397-0044. You can also contact us through email.