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Office of Clinical Effectiveness

The Office of Clinical Effectiveness (OCE) exists to assist University of Missouri Health Care in enhancing our collective ability to continuously improve the quality and value of the care we provide and the overall health of the population we serve.

University of Missouri Health Care is committed to providing the right care in the right place at the right time at the right cost. To do this, we need information, evidence-based clinical decisions, continuous evaluation of our effectiveness and strong physician leadership.

The Office of Clinical Effectiveness consists of the following three groups:

Infection Prevention and Control

The primary function of the University of Missouri Health Care's Infection Prevention and Control Program is to minimize the risks of infection to patients, staff and visitors. The Infection Prevention and Control Department is responsible for monitoring and evaluating health care-acquired infections and reporting these findings with control recommendations to the health system's infection control committees. Prevention of health care-acquired infections is facilitated by an ongoing educational program for all staff; by periodic inspection of facilities and equipment that may contribute to infectious hazards; by careful evaluation of new products, devices and procedures before their implementation; by study of procedures or devices to evaluate their effect on infection rates; and by prompt evaluation of unusual clusters of disease.

Contact Us

Linda Johnson, RN, MSN 
Manager of Infection Prevention and Control
One Hospital Drive
Columbia, MO  65212
Phone: 573-884-2373

Quality Improvement

We are one of the voices that constantly remind our organization that our work must lead to care that is safe, timely, effective, equitable, efficient and patient-centered. Every initiative undertaken by our office must pass the litmus test, "If successful, will this optimize the care we provide to our patients?" We seek and capitalize upon opportunities to build bridges between groups within our health care system, knowing that cultural transformation cannot occur without these bridges. We engage in teaching not only about quality and safety, but also about teamwork and how to accomplish work within systems.

Learn more about one of our initiatives, Crew Training.

Contact Us

Karen Cox, PhD, RN
Manager of Quality Improvement
One Hospital Drive
Columbia, MO  65212
Phone: 573-884-2373

Patient Safety

University of Missouri Health Care’s Patient Safety Team works collaboratively with each department and the medical staff to provide leadership for various patient safety and quality improvement initiatives. The Patient Safety Team provides an infrastructure that oversees, coordinates, and supports patient safety efforts across the University of Missouri Health System. Our team’s mission is to advance the patient safety culture across the organization with an ultimate goal of ensuring that each and every patient receives safe, quality care.

Learn more about one of our initiatives, the forYou Team, for our employees.

Patient Safety Network

Contact Us

Susan Scott, PhD, RN
Manager of Patient Safety and Risk Management
One Hospital Drive
Columbia, MO 65212
Phone: 573-882-7579

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