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Crew Training

Crew Training is a four-hour course taught by veteran pilots who serve as coaches for Lifewings, an organization which trains health professionals throughout the Unites States and internationally.  University of Missouri Health Care is an international leader in applying the lessons of flight crews to improve the quality of health care.  Since May of 2003, almost 3,000 of our physicians and staff have completed this course, focusing on communication, coordination and teamwork in high risk areas.  Capitalizing on the multiple similarities that exist between the health care and aviation industry, this program trains team members in high risk areas to develop site specific tools for focused communication under specific circumstances. 

Crew training is an interactive course covering topics including insights into the causes of human error, the limits of human performance and ways to prevent errors, including:

  • Effective teamwork and team leadership
  • Methods for building situational awareness and recognizing safety red flags
  • Managing adverse situations
  • Assertive, professional communication
  • Communication tools such as team briefings, cross-checks and checklists.

To learn more about crew training call 573-884-2373.

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