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Patient Financial Services
Question What do I do when I have a Medicaid spenddown that I can’t afford?
Question What happens if my insurance doesn’t cover the service I need – do I get a discount?
Question What if I didn’t file taxes in the last two years?
Question What if I don’t want you to bill my insurance?
Question What rights do I have if a claim to insurance is denied?
Question What rights do I have if I don’t agree with the charges billed?
Question Why are the payment plans only set up for 12 months or less?
Question Why can’t we combine all of our family members into one payment plan for the hospital and physicians bills?
Question Why do I get two different bills – am I being billed twice for the same thing?
Question Why do I have to pay money down for procedures if I don’t have insurance?
Question Why was my account sent to collections if I never received a bill?
Question Will financial assistance cover the cost of medications once I get home?
Referring Providers
Question A member of my support staff has left my clinic and should no longer have access to my referred patient information. What do I do?
Question How do I change my login password?
Question How do I request access to view clinical information?
Question I receive a message "Invalid user/password" and am unable to reset my password. What do I do?
Question Is the patient information in Outreach secure?
Question My access to view clinical information has expired. What do I do?
Question My patient does not appear when I access clinical information. Why?
Question What is PowerChart Outreach?
Question What might prevent the login box from appearing when the "View Patient Record" link is clicked?
Question Why do I need a User ID and Password to access the clinical information for my Referred Patients?
Question Why do the screens to access and view my patient information look different than the MUHC screens?
Question Why does MUHC require the National Provider Identifier Number (NPI) to access my patients' electronic medical records?
Question Why is there an issue in sending patient information via email correspondence?
Items 50 to 74 of 74 First | Previous

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