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Ortho: Trauma
How long will I have to be on blood thinner?
Lovenox (blood-thinner) has been given to you from the hospital in order to assist in preventing a blood clot because your fracture and lack of activity increases your risk of blood clot. As you are able to tolerate more activity, there is less of a need for your blood to be anticoagulated. This is a decision that is made when you come in at two weeks for your suture removal between you and the physician. If you meet the criteria of activity the Lovenox can usually be stopped, if there is any concern that you remain at risk, the injections will continue. Anyone that has a blood clot, or is awaiting further surgery is on Lovenox. If you have more than one leg involved or have a hip or pelvis injury, you may need to be on blood-thinner for up to 3 months. If this is needed, you are typically switched to a pill (Coumadin) and stop the injections once your blood is thinned enough which is determined by blood tests.

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