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Ortho: Trauma
What do you mean by "partial progressive weight bearing"?
Congratulations! You are ready to start advancing your weight bearing. If you are going to physical therapy, your therapist will help you through this process.

* Begin by stepping on a scale, putting 30 pounds of weight on your injured side. That is how much weight you will place on your fractured extremity to start walking.
* If there is too much pain when you start to walk, you need to decrease the amount of weight.
* The following week, increase your weight again by 50 pounds.
* Continue this process of adding 50 pounds per week until you reach full weight bearing.
* You will slowly decrease the use of ambulatory devices, from two crutches, to one, then to a cane, if necessary. You will continue to use the Boot (cam walker) for ambulation, until normal shoes can be worn without difficulty or pain.
* Please keep in mind that at any time you experience pain, you need to reduce the amount of weight being placed on your injured extremity. It is common for pain to increase with this process, but not so much that it is unbearable. Soreness is ok, but you should call our office if you have sharp pain that doesn’t go away with rest.
* You can also expect a certain amount of swelling of your injured extremity for some time (can be several weeks or months). This swelling should resolve with elevation, range-of-motion (ROM) exercises, and ice.
* It is important to continue with the ROM exercises as instructed by the therapist or information sheet you were given in clinic.
* If at any point in the process you have questions or problems please don’t hesitate to call our office (see contact information).

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