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Ortho: Trauma
What is my follow-up schedule?
This is a tentative schedule that we follow if there are no problems associated with the healing of your incision, fracture, or injury:

o Return to clinic: 2-3 weeks postoperatively for suture removal, splints/casts are generally removed, boots, or braces are placed if approved by physician. You will likely start doing physical therapy to work on moving your extremity if you didn’t start immediately after surgery.
o Return to clinic: 6 weeks postoperatively for x-rays. The physician will talk to you about the amount of bone healing and determine if you can advance your weight bearing on any extremity. You will typically start strengthening with your physical therapist at this time.
o Return to clinic: 12 weeks postoperatively for x-Rays. Continue to monitor bone healing and function.
o Return to clinic at 2-3 month intervals until released: x-rays are reviewed as well as function. Physical therapy is usually tapered over this time as you regain function. Sometimes the interval is longer than 2-3 months depending on your injury. For certain problems, we will have you return to clinic at 1 year postoperatively for monitoring x-rays and function. Most people are released from care if you are problem free.

Note: If there are any problems with healing of your incisions or bone, the scheduling is based on your personal needs. This is a generalized schedule for those patients that are progressing along the typical healing course.

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