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Ortho: Trauma
What should I do before surgery?
Prior to surgery you should have met with your surgeon, completed paperwork, and know the date and time to arrive for surgery. You should have completed any tests that were ordered for you based on your medical history.
You should have seen anesthesia clinic, or told that you could pass based on your medical history.

The day of surgery:
You will check in on the 2ND FLOOR at REGISTRATION WHEN YOU ARRIVE. Please BE ON TIME or early!

1. You must not have anything to eat/drink/smoke/chew, including gum, after midnight the night before your surgery.
2. You may take pain medical with a small sip of water the morning of surgery, and if you need it, prior to your surgery.
3. Please take all of the medications that you would normally take in the morning, including blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes, breathing, and stomach medicines. If you have any queestions whether you should take medicine, please ask the anesthesia providers.
4. If you are taking Lovenox injections, you should take the infection the day before your surgery as normal, but then no Lovenox should be used on the day of the surgery. Patients taking Coumadin should be given special instructions for checking bleeding times in order to prepare for surgery.
5. Patients taking Plavix will be given specific instructions but will typically stop taking the drug 7 days before surgery. This will be adjustd for those who have had recent cardiac stents.
6. All aspirin and ibuprofen-like products should be stopped a week prior to surgery.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the scheduling of your surgery, please cntact the orthopaedic office and ask for Paula. The number for orthopaedic trauma is (573) 882-6562.

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