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Pediatric Success Stories

Isabella Ken Hanna

ENT Patient Success Stories



Allergy Success Stories

Pediatric Success Stories


Isabella is a four-year-old with papiloma of the vocal chords. She comes to see Dr. Gov-Ari every four months to have her vocal chords scoped. Before she was diagnosed, Isabella was referred to  Children's Hospital in St. Louis by a doctor in Columbia. The doctors in St. Louis wanted to do surgery immediately and repeat the procedure every four weeks, without scoping Isabella. Isabella's grandmother wanted a second opinion and some place closer to home. She found Dr. Gov-Ari through an Internet search.

"During our initial visit, Dr. Gov-Ari said a more invasive surgery was unnecessary, but Isabella did need to be scoped. He advised us of all of the options and procedures. Over the past two years, Dr. Gov-Ari has taught us the signs to look for and we are able to take a pro-active approach to Isabella's care. She sees him every four months for scoping. If anything needs to be removed, it is taken care of immediately and if she is clear, she is all set and it limits the procedures she needs to have. Dr. Gov-Ari is very compassionate and personally responds to e-mails and questions. We are very happy with the care Isabella has received. He does what is best for the child."

- Isabella's mom, Ashely                                                                               


Ken was referred to the ENT & Allergy Center of Missouri clinic by his primary care doctor, when he failed his newborn hearing test. He underwent two ABRs (auditory brainstem response hearing test where children are sedated to evaluate hearing) in January 2010. Ken is still under Dr. Gov-Ari's care and is doing well. 

"Dr. Gov-Ari was wonderful with the baby. We could not have asked for a better doctor. He gave us all of the options and explained them to us in terms we understood. In February, Dr. Gov-Ari removed a Bracheal Cleft Cyst from Ken. He was only six months old at the time of his surgery and had to be kept overnight at the hospital. Dr. Gov-Ari made sure he was okay and checked in on us after the surgery."

- Ken's mom, Kelly



Hanna was referred to Dr. Gov-Ari by her primary pediatrician in Jefferson City when she was a week old. She was very ill and Dr. Gov-Ari immediately diagnosed her with laryngo malacia. On her first visit, Dr. Gov-Ari wanted to admit her to the hospital but gave Hanna's parents all of the treatment options. One week later, Hanna was admitted to the hospital for low oxygen levels. Dr. Gov-Ari performed surgery on her neck when she was only two weeks old.  

 "Dr. Gov-Ari made us feel at ease when we were nervous about Hanna's condition. On top of recovering from giving birth, we were dealing with a very sick baby. Throughout the surgery, Dr. Gov-Ari and his resident came out to keep us updated on her progress. After the surgery, Dr. Gov-Ari gave us his personal cell phone number in case we had any questions or needed anything. Hanna is here today because of Dr. Gov-Ari. Hanna is still a patient and although she may need another surgery in the future, Dr. Gov-Ari is trying all of the options before performing another procedure."

- Hanna's mom, Crystal


ENT Successful Patient Stories


Thomas experienced sinus problems more than five years. During the summer of 2008, Thomas would wake up in the middle of the night unable to breathe. After seeing several other physicians, one of Thomas' family members mentioned that Dr. Chang had helped him with nasal polyps. Thomas came to the ENT & Allergy Center of Missouri clinic in May of 2009, for chronic sinus infections and difficulty breathing through his nose.

"All of the other doctors I saw put me on allergy shots, but it did not help. As soon as I came to Dr. Chang, he sent me for a CT scan. During my first visit, he took a look at my nose and was able to help me breathe immediately. No other doctor was able to see that tissue in my nose would close when I breathed in. He was able to figure it out within the first 30 minutes I'd ever seen him. Before I had the surgery, I could never stay without an infection. It was one infection after another. Dr. Chang opened up one of my sinuses with the surgery. Since the surgery in August 2009, I have only had one infection. Right now I only take Zyrtec and I am not on allergy shots. I recommend Dr. Chang to anyone I know who has sinus problems. It is all good now. I had five years of misery and now I'm happy and I can breathe."

- Thomas



Sheila's sinus passage was so chronically blocked that the trapped infection had started to cause swelling around her eye, pushing it forward out of the socket.  Sheila was referred to the ENT & Allergy Center of Missouri clinic by a local physician for immediate care because of Dr. Chang's experience with recurring sinus infections.  

"I was well pleased with the treatment I received at the clinic. From registration to Dr. Chang, everyone was exceptionally nice. Dr. Chang seemed knowledgeable and very good at what he does. He gave me all of the options but surgery was really the only option to resolve my problem. He was scheduled to be out of the country and he made special arrangements to see me before he left.

My care during and immediately after surgery was also exceptional. It was outpatient surgery but Dr. Chang's office did call me to make sure everything was going well.   The surgery has helped and I have already recommended him to others."

- Sheila


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