Are you ready to transform your life with weight loss (bariatric) surgery? We recommend taking time to learn more about bariatric surgery.

At University of Missouri Health Care, we offer two options to help you get started on your weight loss journey. 

Online weight loss seminar

You can get started today by watching our online seminar videos below. Or, if you would prefer to meet our staff in person, you can sign up for our free live seminars

Our online weight loss seminars offer important information to help you decide which weight loss option is best for you. Please watch each the following segments of the online seminar. Do not skip or fast forward; you may miss important details about your surgery options.

Online seminar videos

Bariatric online seminar quiz

After watching the videos, please take the online quiz.

This short quiz asks you basic, but important questions related to our program and weight loss surgery. When you submit the quiz, a new patient appointment request is automatically sent to our office. We’ll contact you by phone to schedule your first appointment, the next step in your weight loss journey.

Before your first weight loss appointment

Before you attend your first appointment, please print and completely fill out the forms below. The information on these forms helps our physicians perform a comprehensive evaluation of health, medical history and nutritional history. During your appointment, our physicians can discuss these items with you and help guide you toward the weight loss option that’s best for you.

Please print and complete these forms:

If you have commercial insurance, you will also need to fill out this additional form:

Commercial Insurance