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Published on June 19, 2012

Komen Grant Funds Diagnostic Testing For Women With Limited Resources

COLUMBIA, Mo. ― Ellis Fischel Cancer Center has received a grant from the Mid-Missouri Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure to fund screening mammograms and diagnostic breast work-ups for women with limited resources through March 31, 2013.

“We would like to notify eligible women with limited resources that this grant can provide free, routine screening mammograms and may cover the cost of diagnostic work-up for women who are young and have a breast problem,” said Sue Sinele, R.N., OCN, a staff nurse in Ellis Fischel’s Cancer Screening Services. “We want women to know that these resources are out there so that they can take advantage of them and be screened for breast cancer, because in most cases early detection is the key to beating this disease.”

To be eligible for the screening mammogram, patients must:

• Be between ages 40 to 49 and unable to pay for the mammogram

• Be uninsured or underinsured (including those with high deductibles they are unable to pay)

• Bring proof of income and photo identification to the appointment also fill out the necessary paperwork.

• Not have had a mammogram in the last 12 months

Eligible women ages 19 to 34 will receive an ultrasound and possibly a diagnostic mammogram. Funding is available for a few biopsies, if indicated. To be eligible for the diagnostic work-up, patients must:

• Be ages 19 to 34 with no other source for funding

• Be uninsured or underinsured (including those unable to pay their deductibles due to limited income)

• Have one of the following:

 a persistent dominant palpable mass demonstrated over two clinical breast exams at least one menstrual cycle apart

 an initial abnormal clinical breast exam with clear or bloody discharge, skin changes or dimpling

 a previous mammogram or ultrasound requesting additional follow-up in less than 12 months

• Bring proof of income and photo identification to the appointment and fill out the necessary paperwork. Participants may be asked to enroll in Missouri HealthNet with the assistance of a financial counselor at Ellis Fischel Cancer Center.

The Missouri HealthNet Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment program, operated through the Missouri Department of Social Services, will cover the cost of treatment if cancer is diagnosed.

For more information about the grant or to make an appointment with Ellis Fischel’s Cancer Screening Services, please contact Sinele at (573) 884-1140.