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Some of the world’s leading health care experts are part of University of Missouri Health Care. They belong to our dedicated team of more than 6,000 clinicians, scientists, educators and other health professionals. Our team of experts continuously applies studies and teaches the latest treatments. This special combination of medical practice and scholarship ensures our patients always receive the best care when they visit our hospitals and clinics throughout Missouri. We offer an extensive array of services for your family, neighbors and friends.

Decision Points

Our interactive Decision Points guide you through making key health decisions by combining medical information with your personal information.

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Emergency Room Wait Times

What is Wait Time?

Wait time is the average time for patients, after registration, to see a qualified healthcare professional, defined as a Physician, Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner.

The national average is about one hour (source: CDC).

Note: Times are provided for informational purposes and cannot be guaranteed at arrival.

Why are some patients seen first, even if they arrived after me?

Walk-in patients will first be seen by a triage nurse. The nurse will ask some questions about how you are feeling and take vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse rate, breathing rate, and temperature. Your vital signs and a number of other factors will determine how quickly they need to be seen. Patients who arrive with life threatening and more serious injuries and ailments are seen before those with non-life threatening problems.