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Ellis Fischel Cancer Center and MD Anderson

Ambulatory Infusion Unit

Our Ambulatory Infusion Unit (AIU) team is made up of highly trained individuals who specialize in oncology care, focusing on both patient and family care, treatment, education and service.

The nursing staff offers comprehensive individual care and expertise in carrying out your physician's orders in the administration of chemotherapy treatments, infusions and cancer symptom management.

Our patient service representatives can schedule follow-up appointments and assist in coordination of your other appointments.


  • Chemotherapy infusions and injections
  • Blood transfusions
  • Hydration treatments - hydration therapy through an IV line allows the patient to receive necessary fluids faster than by drinking them. With this treatment, a patient is given an IV solution of sterile water with a small amount of sodium (salt) or dextrose (sugar).
  • Antibiotic treatments - Sometimes antibiotics taken orally prove ineffective so a physician may choose to administer antibiotics intravenously.
  • Port/central line flushes
  • Bone marrow biopsies

Massage Services

Massage therapy is offered to our cancer patients receiving treatment in our ambulatory infusion unit. A licensed massage therapist provides massage therapy to eligible patients while patients are sitting in the infusion chairs or laying in bed to receive their chemotherapy. Massage is limited to hands, arms, shoulder and neck areas. The massage last about 20 minutes.

Receiving chemotherapy for cancer can bring about anxiety, massage therapy can offer a sense of calmness and distraction. Patients are asked to rate their pain or level of anxiety on a scale from 1-10 before and after massage, patients always report less pain and anxiety afterwards.

Patients will need a referral from their physician for this service.

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Ambulatory Infusion Unit

To schedule an appointment or speak to someone in our Ambulatory Infusion Unit, please call 573-882-5990.