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The Mammography Van

Staff of Ellis Fischel's mammography van provides mammograms, clinical breast exams and breast health education to women throughout central and north central Missouri. The all-female clinical staff is comprised of certified mammography technologists and nurse examiners who provide the same level of care as a freestanding mammography facility. The program is accredited by the American College of Radiology and the Food and Drug Administration. 

What is the "Mamm Van"?

The 38-foot long van is a fully-inclusive clinic on wheels, featuring mammography and nursing suites.

Mammography Van Benefits

The mammography van service provides women a convenient and efficient breast cancer screening service. Most appointments take fewer than 30 minutes from check-in to completion.

Businesses can request a van visit  to provide screenings for their employees. Physicians in rural areas will find the van's services useful for patients who need more comprehensive screening than they can offer locally. Employers, rural physicians, church groups, county health departments and civic clubs can use the mamm van to provide an invaluable cancer screening and breast health service to the women of central Missouri.

Women may be eligible for free breast cancer screenings if they meet certain financial guidelines.

Patient Testimonials

Here is what some of our patients have said about the van service:

  • "Fast, convenient, painless and informative..."

  • "If a mammogram can be pleasant, this was. Staff was excellent."
  • "Staff on the unit were super. Arrived at my scheduled time and was out in half an hour. GREAT."
  • "It almost made a mammogram enjoyable. No wait time...very professional and very nice people to deal with."
  • "You deliver a very valuable cancer screening - I don't know how many who would get their testing done if it were not for the convenience of the van..." 

Mamm Van Photo Tour

Step inside a virtual tour of the Ellis Fischel Mammography Van.

  • MU Health Care Mamm Van
  • MU Health Care Mamm Van
  • MU Health Care Mamm Van
  • MU Health Care Mamm Van

The Mammography Van was generously donated by the David B. Lichtenstein Foundation.

Schedule the Mamm Van

To bring the mamm van and its valuable services to your community, please call Ellis Fischel's Cancer Screening Services at 573-882-8511 or email Delline Marteen.

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Imaging Services

Track the Mamm Van

February 1 - State Farm Insurance
February 2 - School of the Osage-upper
February 3 - Cummins
February 7 - Samaritan Hospital
February 8 - Westlake Medical Center
February 9 - Cooper County Rural Health
February 10 - I-70 Community Hospital
February 13 - Fulton Medical 
February 14 - Macon Health Department
February 15 - Shelby County Health Department
February 16 - Sullivan County Hospital
February 17 - David Barton
February 18 - Cummins
February 20 - Shelter Insurance
February 21 - Schneider Electric
February 22 - Cooper County Rural Health
February 23 - Community Health Center of Central Missouri
February 24 - Loch Haven Nursing Home
February 27 - Morgan County Health Department
February 28 - Fayette Medical Clinic

March 1 - Moniteau County Health Department 
March 2 - Westlake Medical Center
March 3 - Samaritan Hospital
March 6 - Montgomery County Health Department
March 7 - Miller County Health Department
March 8 - Missouri Department of Natural Resources
March 9 - Westlake Medical Center
March 10 - Samaritan Hospital
March 13 - Medical Missions 4 Christ
March 15 - Cooper County Rural Health
March 17 - Cummins
March 20 - Monroe County Health Department
March 21 - Missouri Department of Social Services - Howerton
March 22 - Shelter Insurance
March 23 - Sullivan County Hospital
March 24 - Fulton Medical Center
March 27 - Cooper County Rural Health
March 28 - Cooper County Rural Health
March 29 - Fayette Medical Center
March 30 - Westlake Medical Center
March 31 - Cummins

Dates and locations subject to change. For more information, call 573-882-8511.

Counties Served

Mamm Van Counties Served