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Bladeless Cataract Surgery

Advanced Cataract Removal 

As Columbia’s first bladeless cataract surgery provider, we are committed to bringing you unmatched accuracy and precision resulting in even better outcomes. Our bladeless computer-controlled refractive laser is one of the most advanced ways to remove cataracts. Through advanced laser technology, this solution provides a new level of accuracy and extreme precision in performing some of the most challenging steps of cataract surgery. 

John Jarstad, MD, is one of the first physicians in the U.S. to master this type of surgery. Since 2012, he has performed more than 1,000 bladeless laser cataract removal surgeries. 

What are the benefits?

  • A bladeless, advanced procedure
  • Precision that cannot be duplicated by human hands
  • Improved lens placement
  • A personalized surgical experience
  • Increased patient comfort
  • Faster procedure
  • Computerized correction of astigmatism

Am I a candidate for bladeless surgery?

Bladeless laser surgery is one of many effective options available for the treatment of cataracts. This procedure is especially beneficial to individuals with complex cataracts and those wishing to have premium lenses. 

As with any surgical procedure, talk to your eye care professional to see if bladeless surgery is right for you. 

Risks and considerations

  • Cataract surgery is one of the most common and safest types of surgery
  • Both traditional surgery and bladeless surgery have the same risks
  • Complications can include: inflammation/infection of the eye, bleeding in the eye, swelling of the cornea, detachment of the retina, accumulation of fluid in retina, dislocation of implanted lens, and drooping eyelid 

Available lens options

Standard Lens
Monofocal lens implants are the standard of care associated with modern cataract surgery.  These lens implants focus at a single location (distance, intermediate or near). It is important to note that astigmatism will not be corrected with this standard lens.

Premium Lens
Premium lens implants are the latest advancement in modern cataract surgery. They have the ability to focus at multiple locations (distance, intermediate and near) and are designed specifically for individuals who wish to reduce dependence on glasses.