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Missouri Orthopaedic Institute

Foot and Ankle

Don't let painful feet or ankles keep you down. We provide non-surgical treatment in addition to surgical care for common foot and ankle disorders including bunions, Achilles tendonitis, neuromas, heel pain, heel spurs, fractures and more. Skin and soft tissue conditions such as ingrown toenails, warts, ganglions, athlete's foot, blisters, gout and fungal infections are treated with the latest podiatric advances. 



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Tips For Your Visit

  • Please arrive with your insurance card and prescription as provided by your physician.
  • For all visits, please wear comfortable clothing and shoes that are easy to move in.
  • If we are evaluating you for injuries or illness affecting your lower body or for walking difficulty, please bring shorts.
  • If you currently wear braces, orthotics or splints, please bring them to your visit to allow our therapist to fully evaluate you with these on.