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Missouri Orthopaedic Institute

Our Orthopaedics Team

University of Missouri Health Care has more than 30 physicians on our team to provide care for every bone in your body. Our experts are continually working to discover new ways to provide world-class orthopaedic care.

Hip and Knee

Our hip and knee surgeons are among the most experienced orthopaedic surgeons in total joint replacement in mid-Missouri. Many surgeons across Missouri refer complex cases to our team. They also offer hip preservation surgeries to help younger patients maintain a health lifestyle. In addition to treating patients, our surgeons focus on developing future techniques and technologies in hip and knee surgery, making our surgeons some of the first to perform new techniques in mid-Missouri.

Foot and Ankle

Our providers manage all diseases and injuries to the foot and ankle using operative and non-operative techniques.

Sports Medicine

Our orthopaedic sports medicine physicians provide nonsurgical and surgical treatments and collaborate with certified specialists, including physical therapists, radiologists and pharmacists to offer comprehensive services for athletes. Our physicians have experience treating a wide variety of patients from Little Leaguers to professional athletes. We are a proud partner in the care of Mizzou athletes.

Shoulder and Elbow

Matthew Smith, MD, treats injuries and chronic illnesses to shoulders and elbows as well as more complex cases such as shoulder replacement.


The spine providers of the Missouri Orthopaedic Institute provide surgical and nonsurgical treatments for patients with spine deformities as well as painful back and neck conditions. They receive referrals from physicians throughout the state of Missouri and the Midwest.


Our hand surgeons are some of Missouri's most experienced providers, and care for acute injuries and chronic conditions of the hand, wrist, and upper extremities.

Orthopaedic Oncology

Andrea Evenski, MD, is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in musculoskeletal oncology. She and her team treat bone and soft tissue musculoskeletal tumors utilizing limb-sparing surgery. Every patient is cared for by a multidisciplinary approach that utilizes a team of specialists who collaborate to determine an individualized treatment plan.

General Orthopaedics

Our board-certified orthopaedic surgeons specialize in joint replacement, trauma, and sports medicine.

  • Kelly Edwards, MD
    Kelly Edwards, MD
    • General Orthopaedics
  • Douglas Kiburz, MD
    Douglas Kiburz, MD
    • General Orthopaedics


Our orthopaedic trauma team is a key component of University Hospital's Level 1 Trauma Center. The surgeons care for isolated simple fractures and specialize in complex joint and pelvic fractures, nonunions and malunions. Additional orthopaedic surgeons are on call to evaluate and treat emergencies when needed.


Our pediatric providers collaborate with colleagues at MU Children's Hospital to apply a team approach that addresses young patients' medical, social and emotional needs. In addition to serving general orthopaedic needs, our specialists in young patients offer care in scoliosis, skeletal dysplasia, neuromuscular diseases and clubfoot.

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