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Missouri Orthopaedic Institute


We’re at the top of our game, using cutting-edge technology so you can excel.

The Missouri Orthopaedic Institute is the first clinical organization in the United states to acquire a DARI motion-sensor system. For almost a decade, the Dynamic Athletic Research Institute (DARI) has been developing new algorithms to analyze human movement data. We can now calculate precise, full-body kinetics.

With this custom tool, we can help improve the performance of competitive athletes in addition to weekend warriors. We provide team-focused advantages by integrating proactive injury prevention with performance training and unequaled sports medicine applications.


Connect with Missouri Orthopaedic Institute

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Tips For Your Visit

  • Please arrive with your insurance card and prescription as provided by your physician.
  • For all visits, please wear comfortable clothing and shoes that are easy to move in.
  • If we are evaluating you for injuries or illness affecting your lower body or for walking difficulty, please bring shorts.
  • If you currently wear braces, orthotics or splints, please bring them to your visit to allow our therapist to fully evaluate you with these on.