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Women's and Children's Hospital

Pediatric Anesthesiology

Anesthesia plays a critical role in the treatment and recovery of many patients at MU Children's Hospital. Our pediatric anesthesiologists have specialized training and are experts at caring for their young patients before, during and after surgeries and procedures.

Part of our pediatric anesthesia team's job is to be able to communicate well with patients and families. Our health care experts are available to talk with families. They take the time to fully explain any health care recommendations and calm any fears as a child approaches a surgery or procedure. We also recognize how important it is for kids to have a trusted family member by their side. So as much and as long as possible, within the guidelines of safe care, we make sure family members are able to be with their child.

Why Pediatric Anesthesia?

All of the pediatric specialists at Children's Hospital recognize that children, especially very young children, are not merely tiny adults. We know kids are growing and changing in unique ways. Their bodys' proportions and unique physiology require a health care team skilled in dealing with specific pediatric health care needs, and anesthesiology is no exception.

When children undergo anesthesia, there are particular considerations that need to be addressed. Some of their unique features are they are still growing, both their bodies and their brains are changing, and they can vary dramatically in size. Additionally, kids' cardiac and respiratory systems are significantly different than adults and those systems always require specialized attention while a child is undergoing anesthesia.

Administering anesthesia to kids also necessitates the immediate availability of different sizes and types of equipment. Our team is given full access to the best technical and medical equipment available, made just the right size for kids.

What We Do

Our Pediatric Anesthesiologists are trained in all aspects of perioperative care. This includes preoperative assessment, determining fitness for surgery, the intra-operative management of anesthesia and post-operative care. Our team also has expertise in managing intensive care patients as well as treating post-operative and chronic pain. Additionally, our team offers guidance for safe pediatric sedation during a variety of medical procedures.

As a part of our exceptional pediatric care, we give individual attention to our tiniest patients, babies in our neonatal intensive care unit. Because of their size and myriad of health complications, we make certain they have access to our pediatric anesthesiologists whenever their condition requires anesthesia. Our team is always on-call to provides around-the-clock, specific care to our NICU patients.


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