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Women's and Children's Hospital

Genetic Services

The genetics teams at University of Missouri Health Care serve all of Missouri and surrounding communities. We care for children and adults with developmental delay, birth defects, inherited or suspected genetic conditions, and those that are developmentally disabled.


To schedule a Genetics appointment, please call our main office at 573-882-6991

Services offered by the Division of Medical Genetics include:

  • General genetics clinics with board-certified medical geneticists, genetic counselors/nurse and dietitians for pediatric and adult patients. We work with families to identify a diagnosis, discuss prognosis, personalize a medical plan and provide education and support.
  • Metabolic genetic services with board-certified biochemical geneticists, genetic counselors/nurse and dietitians for follow-up of abnormal newborn screens, including diagnosis, prognosis, education and treatment of inborn errors of metabolism.
  • Regularly scheduled outreach clinics throughout Missouri including Springfield, and Versailles.
  • Access to genetic disease information for patients and professionals and educational and community presentations