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Pediatric Internal Medicine

Our Pediatric Internal Medicine physicians are here to treat all of your child's conditions. Our team works closely with each patient's family to ensure they understand the integral role they play in their child's health. Family members are included in every step of the diagnosis and treatment plan. Additionally, our team offers in-depth education for every family, providing them the tools they need to understand their child's illness and provide the best possible care. A registered nurse is on staff to answer any questions or concerns that the parents may have during their child's treatment. 


Our pediatric endocrinologists have both extensive training and significant experience in treating diseases and disorders that affect this endocrine system in children.

They recognize that children are not simply small adults. Instead, they have unique health care needs as their bodies are growing, changing and developing over the course of their childhood. All of our health care experts understand both the physical and emotional needs of their young patients and tailor their care toward addressing every facet of their young patients' health.

Illnesses We Treat

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The Pediatric Gastroenterology Division at MU Children's Hospital offers the only pediatric gastroenterologists in Missouri outside of St. Louis and Kansas City. Our center provides comprehensive outpatient, inpatient and laboratory services to evaluate and treat infants, children and adolescents with gastrointestinal disorders.

Disorders We Treat

Immunology and Rheumatology

Our team consists of physicians and other health care experts who combine their expertise to provide each child the individualized care they need. Our team's mission is to provide up-to-date care with a kind, compassionate touch. Many rheumatic conditions are autoimmune disorders and these conditions often cause symptoms such as joint pain and inflammation.

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Infectious Disease

The Pediatric Infectious Disease service at MU Children's Hospital is devoted to the diagnosis, treatment and overall care of children suffering from infectious diseases of all types. We offer the most qualified and experienced pediatric infectious disease specialist in central Missouri for kids and adolescents on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. We also offer twenty-four hour telephone consulting services with a Board Certified Pediatric Infectious Diseases specialist, available to hospitals and primary care physicians in the state.

Our center combines leading-edge health care with a kid-friendly, personalized touch. Here, you will find a dedicated expert who knows how to examine and treat children. Everything we do is geared toward kids, from recognizing the symptoms and signs related to infectious diseases in children to making sure we offer a warm, inviting atmosphere where children of all ages will feel at ease.

Nephrology (Kidney)

Our specialized team of experts cares for children from every corner of Missouri. Together, our team diagnoses and cares for kids with a wide variety of kidney and urological disorders. We offer state-of-the-art medical techniques and a caring bedside manner tailor-made for children.

Because of our depth and breath of experience in pediatric care, we are able to offer leading-edge, complex treatments including dialysis and kidney transplants. Additionally, our team has significant experience diagnosing and treating hypertension in children. While unusual in the pediatric population, it is potentially a very serious problem that requires expert attention.

Conditions We Treat