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Our Patients Inspire Us

In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we are celebrating a few of the patients who inspire us.



Allie, a sweet and talkative 2-year-old, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in May. Her cancer is in remission, but she still has two years of chemotherapy ahead of her.

Allie doesn’t mind treatment, though. She actually looks forward to her clinic visits because she has developed such special relationships with the staff at MU Children’s Hospital. “All of the nurses, doctors and Child Life specialists have been very helpful and compassionate and truly take time to help Allie feel comfortable,” mom Kelly says.

What makes Allie smile?

"Her baby brother, singing and dancing, telling jokes and making people laugh," Kelly says.



Jake, 7, was diagnosed with testicular cancer in January 2012. After two surgeries and months of in-patient chemotherapy, Jake’s cancer went into remission.

He’s been part of the MU Children’s Hospital family for four years, and the doctors, nurses and Child Life staff have become extensions of the family, mom Nicole says. “There were so many small moments that made us feel comforted and thankful to be at Children’s Hospital… The surgeon dropping by with a stuffed animal for Jacob, Child Life coming to help Jacob’s big sister understand what was happening, scooters to race up and down the hallway with no one stifling Jacob’s joyful laugh.”

What makes Jake smile?

"Jake loves to play tag, practice Brazilian jiu jitsu, tell jokes, play pranks, build structures (but they must be symmetrical), go to Cub Scouts, duck hunt with Dad and snuggle with Mom," Nicole says.



Kenneth, a vibrant and adventurous 2-year-old, was diagnosed with Stage 1 intermediate rhabdomyosarcoma last year. He started receiving treatment in October 2015, and his final chemotherapy treatment will be this month.

Kenneth is happy to be nearing the end of treatment, and mom Amanda says the staff at MU Children’s Hospital has made the experience easier for her and her family. “It’s been absolutely amazing. All of the doctors, nurses, Child Life and all of the other staff have been so generous and helpful. Our care could not have been any better.”

What makes Kenneth smile?

"A lot of things make Kenneth smile," Amanda says. "He is one of the happiest kids I know, but he has his favorites like Patrol, Avengers and of course "Talking Tom."

Pediatric Cancer Appointments

To schedule an appointment with MU Children's Hospital blood disorders and cancer unit, please call 573-219-3920.

To contact someone in hematology, please call 573-882-3961.

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