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Early Childhood Outreach

We are proud to offer wellness programs in our local community. Through these programs, funded by the Boone County Children’s Services Board, we work with local child care providers and parents to help young children reduce problem behaviors, become ready for school, overcome traumatic events and receive specialized services when needed.

Early Childhood-Positive Behavior Supports (EC-PBS)

Early Childhood Positive Behavior Support combines training and weekly coaching to improve the quality of early childhood program environments in Boone County and to increase child care providers’ abilities for building relationships with children ages 0-12 and families, promoting social-emotional development, reducing problem behaviors and promoting school readiness.

EC-PBS focuses on prevention and instruction for all students in the program, not just those with behavior problems. It also establishes strategies and support for early child care providers, children and families in the development of age-appropriate social skills. EC-PBS provides parenting classes on effective parenting strategies, the importance of promoting social-emotional health, building positive relationships with their children and bridging the gap between home and school environments. This program encourages child care providers to work from a team perspective and demonstrates how to use data to support making decisions. EC-PBS coaches work directly with classroom teachers and administrators weekly and the developmental coach works directly with classroom teachers and administrators monthly.

For more information, please contact Vicki Davolt at

System Offering Actions for Resilience (SOAR) in Early Childhood

The SOAR program focuses on children ages 0-6. This initiative includes education of the community on the importance of social and emotional well-being in young children, training on the use of and evidence-based developmental screening (ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE2), performing developmental screenings, and providing treatment of child parent psychotherapy (CPP) to young children exposed to trauma. Our project’s mission seeks to build awareness and programs to address the development and wellness of young children and their families across the service delivery continuum from prevention to treatment.

For more information, please contact Wendy Ell at

Designed to help young children and families

SOAR aims to improve coordination of the early childhood serving system and enhance practices, programs and services, for young children and their families. This arm of SOAR focuses on children ages 0-6. An important piece of this work involves the screening and identification of children at risk for developmental and behavioral disorders. SOAR seeks to bridge gaps in service to children who potentially have higher rates of physical, developmental and social-emotional needs. This program seeks to ensure the needs of these young children are being met through best practice models of standardized screening, evidence-based identification and linkage to appropriate services.

Treatment for young children affected by trauma

SOAR offers a treatment service for the youngest of children and their parents who have experienced trauma. Child parent psychotherapy (CPP) is designed for children ages 0-5 years and their parents who have experienced one or more traumatic events. Examples include:

  • Divorce
  • A sudden death
  • A traumatic medical procedure
  • A parent suffering from depression or anxiety
  • Experiencing abuse or witnessing domestic violence

CPP is a dyadic therapy that includes intensive weekly treatment sessions with the parent and child for 32 to 52 weeks (depending on the severity of the trauma). Research has demonstrated that outcomes for families who participate in this treatment include decreased depression and anxiety for parents, and children return to their normal developmental trajectory.

For more information, please contact Melody Boling at

Contact Us

If you would like more information about any of the programs described here, please contact the SOAR office at 573-884-6324.

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