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General Pediatrics

At MU Children's Hospital and our other pediatric clinics, the health of your children is always our number one priority, and we know kids. From ear infections and middle-of-the-night fevers to sports and school physicals, it's important that you can always take your child to a physician you can trust. Our team of pediatric physicians will answer all of your questions, ease all of your worries, and make certain that your child always gets the best health care possible.

The Relationship Makes the Difference

Finding the right pediatrician for your family is an extremely important task. Our general pediatricians provide care for children along the continuum of their lives from birth to adulthood. There are many advantages to having a pediatrician you can turn to throughout your child's life. When a doctor really knows your child; knows their complete medical history, their temperament and personality, how they react to pain and even what they're like at school and home, it helps them pinpoint health problems and recognize when something is "out of the ordinary." Those advantages are ones that are built through many years of seeing a primary pediatric physician. That's why we hope that when you choose one of our physicians, you are at the beginning of a relationship that will last until your child "graduates" and moves into adulthood.

Your Kids Are Our Specialty

Children are often thought of as little adults, but we know differently. We know they are unique creatures with ever changing physiology. They respond differently to diseases than adults do, and they have unique environmental challenges too. Our pediatricians are exceptionally trained to deal with each of these issues. They have special skills in assessing and managing developmental and behavioral problems while also detecting and managing acute and chronic illnesses unique to children.

As general pediatricians, our team of expert pediatricians manages children with chronic conditions such as asthma and attention deficit disorder in addition to providing ongoing well childcare, developmental screening, and acute care. Your child can also receive routine vision, hearing and developmental screening and all childhood immunizations as part of our standard of care.

Our Pediatric Practice Has You and Your Child in Mind

Our physicians view each child as the center of the visit. Before your child can talk, more attention is paid you, as the parent or primary caregiver, as the source of information and medical history about your child. But as each child develops communication skills, the visits become increasingly focused on the child. That said, our pediatricians always pay attention to the health and dynamics of the entire family because that has a large impact on the health and well being of each child. Additionally, we realize that parents often have concerns and questions about their child, so you won't get rushed you out of the office. Instead, our physicians take the time to answer any and all of your questions in the most comprehensive way possible.

Our entire facility has been specifically designed around children and families. We know how important it is to make certain that children feel at ease. Of course we have toys in the waiting room, but we've done much more. Our registration areas, waiting rooms and exam rooms have all been designed around the needs of children and families.

State-of-the-Art Care

Our pediatric practice has participated in several clinical trials on childhood immunizations. In addition, one of our physicians recently received a Community Access to Child Health, or CATCH, grant to help develop an obesity management program in downtown Columbia. We also have several physicians who are very active in child advocacy through the Thompson Center for Autism and the Rainbow House in Columbia, Mo.

All of our physician members are fellows of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Several are also members of the Academic Pediatrics Association.

Comprehensive Care

Our pediatric practice is the only one in Columbia that provides on-site lactation consultations with a full-time certified lactation consultant. With 18 years of experience, Lori Lampe, RN, IBCLC, provides support, supplies and education, as well as breastfeeding consultations, to pregnant women and new mothers. We want to help ensure a successful breastfeeding experience.

Ours is also one of the few pediatric practices to provide on site pulmonary function testing and skilled asthma education. In addition, we are the only practice in mid-Missouri to have Child Life students provide developmentally appropriate activities for our patients in the waiting areas.

What to Expect

For a very first visit extra time is set aside to review a comprehensive health history as well as look over any immunization records available. As well a complete list of any current medications is reviewed.  A head to toe physical is often done at the first visit to get a good baseline for the health status of the patient.  Finally, the first visit is where the pediatrician establishes the beginning of what should be a life long relationship with the child and the family.


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