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Derek's Journey

What made you finally decide to take the steps toward surgery?

I had been on the weight loss ‘roller coaster’ all of my life. None of the changes that I made were ever permanent. I needed something that would stick with me for life.

How long did it take before you decided?

It took me a good five years. I initially wanted the adjustable gastric band; however after researching, I knew that I needed something more.

What was your journey?

Most of my journey seemed to be around the insurance process. Once I decided to have surgery, I found out I didn’t have the bariatric benefit in my insurance plan. It took quite a long time to get the insurance coverage and find someone that was willing to accept my insurance. 

Tell us a little bit about your experience with surgery and the aftercare.

The nurses, physicians and hospital staff were all awesome. I found them all to be very helpful.

How was the care at Missouri Bariatric Services?

They have always been excellent in getting back to me in a timely fashion. They always answer all of my questions.

What were your reservations beforehand?

I didn’t have a lot of reservations. I knew that it was the right thing to do for me.

How did you feel right after surgery?

I felt pretty positive about the entire experience from the moment I woke up in the hospital.

What about one year after?

I feel great! I exercise 3-5 days per week. I wear a Fitbit every day and make it a habit to hit 10,000 steps each day. I have added resistance training to my workout which has been very helpful.

Can you tell me about the difference in your health?

I didn’t have a lot of health issues to start with. My blood pressure is considerably better and my lab work looks great.  I can play freely with my child without worrying about being out of shape!

How do you stay motivated?

I did it, and continue to do it, for my child. I don’t ever want to go back to feeling the way I did before surgery.

If you could tell people just one thing about your weight loss, what would it be?

Research your options and make an informed decision. I think you will find that bariatric surgery is one of the most effective treatments for the disease of obesity.


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