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Are you ready to transform your life? You have two options to start your journey with our program. You can get started today with our Online Seminar or come to one of our free Live Seminars

Online Seminar Part 1

Print the Primary Care Physician Referral Form and have your doctor complete it before your first appointment with our program.

IMPORTANT: In order to be seen at a new patient appointment, a completed and signed Primary Care Physician Referral Form is required. This form must be completed by your primary care physician and brought to all new patient appointments.

If you are unable to bring this completed form to your first appointment, we will be happy to reschedule your appointment at that time. Unfortunately, we will be unable to see you without the completed and signed Primary Care Physician Referral form.

Online Seminar Part 2

Watch our online seminar, the information contained in our seminar is extremely important for you to make the decision on which bariatric program and which weight loss surgery is right for you. Please watch the following three segments of the online seminar.

Online Seminar Videos

After watching the videos, please take the online quiz.

This short quiz will ask some basic but very important questions about our program and weight loss surgery. Upon the submission of this quiz, an electronic request for a new patient appointment will be sent to our office. We will be contacting you by phone to schedule your new patient appointment.

Online Seminar Part 3

Please print and completely fill out all of the forms below before your new patient appointment. Our physicians cannot perform an adequate evaluation without knowing your medical and nutritional history.

Please print and complete these forms:

If you have commercial insurance you will need to print this additional form:

Commercial Insurance