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Jeanine’s Journey

What made you finally decide to take the steps toward surgery?

I have been through many diet programs throughout my life. Most programs work however the weight loss is usually not sustainable. I was tired of continually losing and gaining weight.

How long did it take before you decided?

1 month.

What was your journey?

My diabetes was never well controlled and that really concerned me. I was tired of trying to do the right thing by losing weight and none of my health conditions would ever improve. After researching weight loss surgery, I realized that it was an answer to my prayers.

Tell us a little bit about your experience with surgery and the aftercare.

The doctors and nurses were great. I have not one complaint of the care that I received.

How was the care at Missouri Bariatric Services?

They have always been very available and receptive to my questions and needs.

What were your reservations beforehand?

I thought at first that I would have the adjustable gastric band. I realized that weight loss surgery is not something that can be repeated over and over until I reached my personal goal. I wanted THE one procedure that would give me the best shot at improving my health. I did not get the adjustable gastric band. I am very happy with the procedure that I choose.

How did you get to where you are?

My health!

How did you feel right after surgery?

I felt great! I took pain medicine the first day and after that I really didn’t need it. I started my walking program on day 2 and never looked back.

What about one year after?

Nothing but thankful. I feel better mentally and physically. I am off my insulin which was a big deal to me. My A1c’s are much easier to control.

Can you tell me about the difference in your health?

I don’t get sick nearly as often as I used to. Bronchitis, which I used to get regularly, I rarely have issues with. I don’t nearly as tired as I used to. I just feel better.

How do you stay motivated?

My family! I have two daughters that have also had weight loss surgery. I have no desire to go back to my previous health status.

If you could tell people just one thing about your weight loss, what would it be?

It is totally worth the effort that you put into it. I feel like the person I always knew that was inside of me that people never saw.


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