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When the patient has made the decision to proceed with a full evaluation, the Missouri Bariatric Services surgeons and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommend several pre-operative consultations be completed prior to consideration of surgery. These include the formal patient lecture as outlined in this website and an opportunity to talk with and be examined by the surgeon.

Another part of the pre-operative preparation is the primary care physician clearance. Other consultations include psychiatric and psychological evaluations. These are conducted to apprise the surgeon of any circumstances that might endanger the postoperative recovery or the success of the operation. Some of the issues considered include realistic expectations with respect to the surgery, psychological readiness, risk of post-operative depression, ability to appreciate and carry out required post-operative lifestyle changes, and acceptance of long-term follow-up and exercise programs.

A nutritional consultation also is conducted, and we request attendance at an exercise lecture to establish the most appropriate and safe pattern of exercise to be carried out after the surgery.

A nurse at the hospital will go over admitting information and there will be an opportunity to meet with an anesthesiologist to go over any questions regarding anesthesia.

Smoking: Please know that all of our patients are required to stop smoking at least three months before surgery. After surgery, weight loss surgery patients must remain smoke free for the rest of their life!