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Those deciding to proceed with gastric bypass surgery after reading this site and discussing the risks and benefits can expect to follow these steps:

  • The answers given to questions on our written test will help us assess each potential patient’s understanding of the material provided in the lecture and protocol. In reality, this tests our ability to fully explain this complex program.
  • Candidates will be given a full pre-operative multidisciplinary assessment regarding: surgical, psychiatric, nutritional and exercise components.
  • A representative will schedule a pre-admission visit. Candidates also will have an opportunity to talk with an anesthesiologist or anesthetist about that part of the operation.
  • In some cases a pulmonologist (lung specialist), cardiologist (heart specialist) or endocrinologist will be consulted before or after the surgery.
  • All necessary blood tests, X-rays, electrocardiograms and other studies will be done prior to the operation. Patients will be given an operative consent form to read and sign. Please read the consent form carefully, since it is your acknowledgment that you understand the operation and the possible complications and side effects. It is your consent to go forward.

Keys to Success

Success in reaching and maintaining a satisfactory weight depends on a continuing lifelong effort to use the gastric bypass experience properly and to maintain a completely revised and healthy habit pattern with respect to food and exercise. Conscious and deliberate reduction in eating is aided by a decreased desire for food and a heightened feeling of satiety. It will be easier to eat no more than three meals a day and no snacks or high calorie drinks between meals. The new exercise program will require structured aerobic activity daily for 30 minutes to an hour.

This is YOUR Program

All of the changes in eating and exercising reflect your program. While the surgery only constructs a new anatomical device, it is your lifelong effort that makes the device really work. The surgical team participates in pre-operative, intra-operative and postoperative care. We are here to support you, but the ultimate success of the operation depends on you.

The success achieved by patients and the data collected in their surgical treatment are recorded, documented and reported in the surgical literature so other patients may gain from the experience. While preserving patient confidentiality, we add the experience of all our patients to those records.

We recognize our patients’ success is our success. We want each person to be absolutely convinced that lifelong changes in lifestyle, eating and exercise habits are necessary and realistic. Realize commitment to follow-up is imperative. We are asking for a commitment never to return to unhealthy eating or a sedentary lifestyle. In asking you to make your health paramount from now on, we are asking you to make a commitment to yourself.

In the Spirit of Caring

We are deeply committed to alleviating the medical, emotional and social problems of the people we treat with clinically severe obesity. Our primary treatment goal is to promote lasting weight loss which can help dramatically improve health, reduce life-threatening risk factors, increase life span and enhance quality of life.

Morbidly obese people have endured a lifetime of physical, emotional and social suffering most of us cannot even imagine. They deserve the best medical science has to offer — and to realize their full potential in health, love, work and wellbeing. Like anyone who suffers with a debilitating disease, they deserve the chance to be healed.


We are Here to Answer Any Questions

Questions may come up regarding preoperative preparation, laboratory testing, scheduling of appointments, travel, local housing arrangements and insurance issues. Staff members are available to answer questions and will become valued partners in your success.