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Roux-en Y Divided Gastric Bypass Surgery
Possible Complications
Postoperative Steps

After surgery, patients are taken to the recovery room until they are fully awake.

All patients on CPAP Machines for sleep apnea will be observed in the intensive care unit.

After being released from the recovery room patients are taken to their hospital room. The nurse will closely monitor vital signs for the first day, then every four hours thereafter.

Pain will be controlled by medication as prescribed by the surgeon. If pain is not being controlled, the nurse should be advised. The pain medication will be given by injection and, later, orally. Usually by the third day the IV fluids are discontinued.

A Foley catheter will be in place to drain urine overnight. This is usually removed the day after surgery at which time the patient will be assisted to the bathroom.

Patients will need to breathe deeply and cough every two hours while awake. Also an incentive spirometer may be used to help expand the lungs and prevent post-operative complications.

An upper GI series may be done on the first or second day after surgery (post-op) to insure proper functioning of the new stomach pouch. When this is confirmed, limited ingestion of clear liquids will be started with one ounce per hour maximum. No carbonated or caffeine drinks are allowed and straws are also forbidden.

For the first few weeks after the operation, the tissue of the stomach intestine will go through a process of continued healing and strengthening. In the unlikely event of repeated overeating, extreme pressure may occur causing the stomach or anastomosis to enlarge. This enlargement could cause the operation ultimately to fail by allowing the new pouch to empty too soon or enlarge too much.

Follow-up office visits
After surgery, visits with the doctor or other medical personnel occur frequently. During these visits, the amount of weight loss, diet and exercise programs will be reviewed.

Physical examination and laboratory tests will be performed as needed. Our goal is to provide continued care and encouragement.

Follow-up is extremely important to every gastric bypass surgery patient.

Missouri Bariatric Services provides a Patient Support Group to assist in the peri-operative and post-surgical process.

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