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Patient's Rights

As a patient, your child has certain rights, and understanding those rights will help you to get the best possible care for your child. 

We will make every effort:

  • To treat you and your child with consideration and respect in a safe setting free from all forms of abuse and harassment. Your privacy and the privacy of your child will be respected.
  • To keep all communications and records regarding your child's care confidential. In general, you have the right to see all the information in your child's health records.
  • To clearly explain all hospital rules and regulations.
  • To provide clearly written and spoken information in words you can understand.
  • To provide all the information you need to make an informed decision about your child's care, including information about options, risks and benefits, possible outcomes, possible side effects, who is providing your child's care and the costs involved.
  • To respect the advance directives which express your wishes about resuscitation and other end-of-life decisions regarding the care of your child.
  • To respect your decision to refuse care for your child. To allow you to remove your child from the hospital even if your physician advises against it.
  • To respect your decision to refuse care for your child. To allow you to remove your child from the hospital even if your physician advises against it.
  • To provide effective relief from pain for your child and allow you to participate and make decisions regarding the pain control.
  • To provide your child freedom from restrains and seclusion of any form that is not medically necessary.
  • To inform you that we are a teaching hospital and that you have the right to refuse the treatment of your child from a health-care student, intern or resident. You can request a consultation for your child with another provider at any time.
  • To provide you with all available information about possible research participation for your child's illness or disease, and to obtain your informed consent.
  • To involve you in the discharge planning for your child and to inform your primary pediatrician of any health care requirements when your child returns home.
  • To give you the opportunity to examine and receive an explanation of your child's bill regardless of the source of payment.
  • To allow you to express a concern or complaint regarding the care of your child and receive a prompt response. You also have the right to file a formal grievance if you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint.

Patient Responsibilities

Patients and visitors have responsibilities, and we ask that you make every effort to:

  • Follow all hospital rules.
  • Consider the rights of others and them with respect.
  • Ask us for clear explanations and make informed decisions about the care and treatment of your child.
  • Relate full information about the health of your child's health, medical history and insurance.
  • Provide us with advance directive information regarding the care of your child.
  • Follow the recommended treatment plan for your child and keep all follow-up appointments, or notify us when unable to do so.
  • Know what medications your child is taking, why they are taking them and the proper way to administer them according to your doctor's orders.
  • Inform care providers of your child's pain and participate in the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Alert your health care provider if you have concerns or feel the rights of your child have not been properly respected.
  • Pay bills promptly and contact us if you have any questions or financial problems.


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