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ForYOU Team
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Program Development
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Program Development

forYOU Team interventions are based on the understanding that each event is a unique experience and each individual may require a different intensity or duration of support during their emotional recovery. The Scott Three-tiered Intervention Model of support has been developed to provide on-demand rapid intervention, ranging from immediate first aid support through professional counseling for second victims.

Scott Three-tiered Interventional Model

Tier 1 - Local Support
The most foundational support occurs at the local level by the unit manager/supervisor and/or work colleagues. These individuals are typically aware of the events in a timely manner. This tier involves addressing the second victims to make sure that they are 'okay' immediately following an event.

Tier 2 - Peer-to-peer Support
The second tier is initiated when the forYOU Team provides peer-to-peer support (one on one or team debriefings).

It is projected that this type of support will meet the needs of an additional ~30% of second victims. In addition to having access to peer supports there is also the availability of the Patient Safety or Risk Management Staff.

Tier 3 - Professional Support
The third tier is initiated when there is a need to provide additional support outside of the realm of support provided by the forYOU Team. The forYOU Team relationship with its mentors helps to ensure availability and expedite access to prompt professional support/guidance.

This includes but is not limited to a referral to clinical psychologists, chaplains, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), or an individual's personal counselor.

forYOU Organization

forYOU Organizational Chart

  • Peer Supporter - forYOU Team peer supporters are healthcare professionals with an interest in second victim support who have committed their time, energy, and expertise to the mission of the forYOU Team.
  • Team Lead - Facility Team leads are experienced in the crisis support process and provide specific site assessment and interventional support to the forYOU Team.
  • Team Coordinator - The team coordinator is experienced in the crisis support process and is aware of the dynamics and needs of healthcare providers and forYOU team members.
  • Patient Safety, Risk Management, Quality Director - Provides administrative oversight of the forYOU Team.
  • Team Mentors/Coaches - The team mentors/coaches role are fulfilled by mental health professionals and/or other professionals (such as Employee Assistance Program, Risk Management, Chaplains, Clinical Health Psychologists, etc.) with an interest in second victim support who make a commitment to provide their time, energy, and expertise to the forYOU Team.
  • Executive Sponsors - The executive sponsors of the forYOU Team represent clinical, non-clinical, and medical staff members of the MUHS executive team.

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