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Tips to Stay Healthy & Safe
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School can be a lot of fun with friends, new experiences and activities. To make school the best it can be, here are some ideas for making the most of it!

School Bus Safety
If you are riding to school on a school bus, know that these big vehicles are full of children and that you have to help the driver out by following these rules:

  • If your bus has seat belts, always wear them. This will help you big time if there is an accident. Also, this will help those around you by keeping you secure.
  • When waiting for the bus at the curb, wait until the bus is fully stopped before going to the door.
  • On the bus, don't move about from seat to seat or stand or run in the aisle.
  • Always stay in clear view of the driver. This way he or she will know where you are and make sure you don't miss your stop.

If you are walking to school, you may want to find a walking buddy to help stay safe and make the walk more fun.

Healthy Foods
Everyone knows that you learn better if you're eating healthy foods and staying active. Here are some ideas for healthy food choices:

  • Check out your cafeteria menu ahead of time and be sure to pack a lunch if you would like different food or drinks than what is being offered.
  • Avoid soda. Sugary drinks are not very good for your body. Try milk, water or juice with your lunch or snack.
  • Pick healthy options at school, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Be Nice!
Sometimes you might not get along with everyone at school. Someone may pick on you or your friends. This is called "bullying." It is important to know a few things about bullying and realize a few ways to avoid or defuse this situation:

  • Use your words. If someone is picking on you, tell them how you feel by saying "Please stop. I don't like when you do that." Ask the bully why they are bullying.
  • Remain calm. Keep a cool head and walk away from the situation.
  • Get an adult involved. Let them know what is happening.
  • If you are the bully, stop and think about the effect you are having on other kids. Ask yourself, "Would I like being treated this way?"
  • Understand that bullying is never okay. Instead of using your size or words, use your head and think through situations before acting.

Homework Tips
The whole point of going to school is learning and that usually means homework! Here are a few quick tips to make the most of your homework time:

  • Do your homework in a well-lit, comfortable room. Limit your distractions like TV, phones and video games. 
  • Make enough time to do your homework. Set aside time that is just for doing homework and nothing else. Be disciplined about staying on task.
  • Don't be afraid to ask a parent or friend for some help. They may be able to help you look at a math problem or assignment in a different way. 
  • Take a break every now and then. Pause your studies and stretch, get a snack, or take a quick walk.

Take advantage of some of these great suggestions and you will be sure to have a successful and happy school year ahead of you!

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