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General Services

Hearing Evaluations

Hearing evaluations involve measuring hearing sensitivity and speech understanding. Middle ear function is assessed. Test interpretation, counseling, and treatment recommendations are provided.
Hearing evaluations involve behavioral assessment of hearing and evaluation of middle ear function. Interpretation of results, counseling, and treatment recommendations are discussed with the child's parent or guardian.

Hearing aid evaluations and sales
If the hearing evaluation indicates that hearing aids are needed, the audiologist will discuss which hearing aid options are most appropriate. State-of-the-art digital circuitry hearing technologies are available. Hearing aid fitting with counseling and follow-up visits are also provided.

Hearing aid pricing guide*
Hearing aids include a repair warranty with loss and damage coverage.Hearing aids range in cost from $1,200 to $2,600 per hearing aid.
        *Exact pricing estimates are provided by the audiologist at the time of evaluation.

Swim Molds
Swim molds prevent water from getting into your ears with custom-made earplugs.

Hearing Protection
Protect ears from excessive levels of noise with custom-made ear molds.

Musician Monitors
In ear monitors and filters to preserve sound quality with protection for musicians.

Special testing services
The audiologists at the ENT and Allergy Center of Missouri and the University Physicians Audiology Clinic provide the following tests:

Auditory Brain Stem Response (ABR)
ABR is the electrophysiologic measurement of neural activity in response to sound. This noninvasive procedure assesses the neural integrity of the acoustic nerve. Click here to watch a video about the sedationless ABR procedure.

  • Pediatric ABR: We offer hearing sensitivity assessment to children through the ABR test. The procedure takes place with or without mild sedation while the child is closely monitored at all times.
  • Newborn ABR hearing screening: The ABR test is provided to our youngest patients as a screening mechanism to detect hearing loss in infants from birth to five months.

Vestibular Evaluations
Each of the following tests includes analysis and interpretation of results following assessment.

  • Videonystagmography (VNG):  Vestibular/balance functioning is evaluated in this test, while eye movements are recorded under different stimulus conditions.
  • Platform posturography: This functional test evaluates a patient's ability to make use of various visual, vestibular, and somatosensory cues.

Auditory processing evaluations
In children, auditory processsing evaluations consist of a battery of behavioral tests designed to evaluate the integrity of the central auditory nervous system. Interpretation of results, counseling options, and treatment recommendations are discussed with the parent or guardian.

Cochlear implants
Cochlear implants are designed for individuals with severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss who receive no benefit from hearing aids. Cochlear implant services include evaluation for candidacy, programming of the implant after the surgery, aural rehabilitation and follow-up. Cochlar implant equipment, supplies and services are available.

Baha implants
Bone anchored hearing prostheses (Baha implants) are surgically implanted to allow sound to be conducted through the bone instead of the middle ear. They are designed for individuals with conductive or mixed loss, or for single-sided deafness. Services include evaluation for candidacy, programming of the processor and follow-up.

To schedule an appointment with one of our hearing and balance specialists, please call:
University Physicians Audiology Clinic
(573) 882-5194
ENT and Allergy Center of Missouri 
(573) 817-3000

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