EXPERT AVAILABLE: Victims of Natural Disasters Can Experience Mental Health Challenges

A natural disaster, such as the EF-3 tornado that hit Jefferson City, Missouri, can leave more than physical damage in its wake. Tragedies like these can have a tremendous psychological impact on all those directly and indirectly affected.


Psychiatrists at University of Missouri Health Care are available for interviews on the important issue of mental health during and after a natural disaster. They are available to address questions like:

  • Is it common for victims to experience psychological challenges after a natural disaster?
  • What specific types of mental health challenges might people face?
  • How can someone tell when they need to seek mental help? 
  • How do we help children who might be struggling emotionally?

John Lauriello, MD, a psychiatrist at MU Health Care and chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the MU School of Medicine, is available to discuss these and other psychological challenges that may arise after a natural disaster. 

Laine Young-Walker, MD, a psychiatrist at MU Health Care and Chief of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the MU School of Medicine, is available to talk about how events like these affect children.

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