MU Health Care, University of Missouri and City of Columbia Leaders Discuss COVID-19 Preparations

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Story Summary

University of Missouri leaders are urging preparation, not panic, as the number of cases of COVID-19 continues to rise worldwide.

At a press conference on Thursday, March 5, leaders from the City of Columbia, the University of Missouri, and MU Health Care discussed local prevention efforts.

MU Health Care is using a travel-screening questionnaire in its clinics and immediately isolating anyone who has traveled to affected countries and shows symptoms of COVID-19.

Stevan Whitt, MD, chief medical officer at MU Health Care, says virtual doctor’s visits will also be important in limiting the virus’ spread.

“We’re exploring the use of virtual visits at the University. We and many other parts of the country think this is an excellent solution to both normal influenza season, as well as instances like COVID-19. Patients can get quickly evaluated, get their questions answered, and we can get the sick patients that need to be in a hospital to a hospital, and we can keep the patients who don’t need to be in a hospital safe,” said Whitt.

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