Strong Bonds Help Missouri Teen Recover From Serious Truck Crash

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Story Summary

After a car accident fractured Ellis Cordray's spine, surgeons used rods and screws to stabilize his broken back. They coated the hardware with a newly FDA-approved biologic agent called NanoFUSE to help grow bone around the braces. Once NanoFUSE is inserted, body fluids hydrate the bioactive glass and the surface of the braces become coated with a layer of a mineral called hydroxyapetite. New bone starts forming around the glass fibers, eventually taking the place of the glass particles.

The bioactive glass used in NanoFUSE is made exclusively in Rolla, Missouri, by Mo-Sci Corporation, whose chief technology partner is Missouri University of Science and Technology.

The new product helped Ellis walk just one day after surgery, and today, he’s on the road to a full recovery.

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