Supply Chain Team Innovates to Keep Shelves Stocked

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Story Summary

While doctors and nurses are often top of mind in the fight against COVID-19, there’s another important team that works behind-the-scenes to make sure health care workers have the PPE, or personal protective equipment, they need.

Marcy Maddox is the director of clinical supply chain operations at University of Missouri Health Care. Her team of 64 people manages the complex formulas that make up the supply chain system — looking at what’s on hand, what can be purchased, when it can be delivered and how many staff members will need to care for patients.

“We’re learning from others. We're trying to be as proactive as we can to ensure that we can sustain the supply,” Maddox said.

MU Health Care currently has an adequate supply of PPE, such as masks, gowns and gloves. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to come by. See how the team is innovating to keep supply shelves stocked.

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