Continuing Education

Whether you are a new graduate or a seasoned nurse, continuing education is vital to your professional growth. As mid-Missouri's only academic health center, we not only value education, research and innovation, we've made these a part of our mission.

We strongly encourage our nurses to achieve advanced certification. We recognize that certification validates a nurse's skills, knowledge and abilities, contributing to better patient outcomes. For this reason, we set aside funds each year to assist our nurses in becoming certified and completing continuing education required to maintain certification.

We offer our nurses a professional career ladder for RNs with generous compensation as they advance. Along with progressive compensation programs and benefits, MU Health Care offers an education assistance program that can expand your professional possibilities. We encourage our staff to take advantage of the program, which provides 75 percent tuition reduction at the University of Missouri for full-time staff who have been employed for six months. Staff may receive this reduction for six credit hours per semester or three credit hours per summer.

One of the most comprehensive universities in the nation, the University of Missouri offers nearly 250 degree programs, including bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs in nursing.

After one year of continuous full-time service, your spouse and dependents are eligible for 50 percent tuition reduction at any University of Missouri campus.

Evidence-based practice

Through a partnership with the University of Missouri School of Nursing, our nurses learn first-rate research skills and are mentored in developing projects to incorporate the latest evidence into practice. Our projects have been featured at national evidence-based practice conferences. We are proud to foster the continued discovery of best practices to improve our patient care.

Nurses at MU Health Care understand the importance of searching for evidence on which to base their clinical decisions. With the resources provided by the J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library and the advanced practice nurses on site, our nursing staff is learning to make patient care decisions using available research findings combined with their own clinical expertise and patient preferences. Every nurse has access to the latest journal articles, periodicals, books and publications, many of which can be researched electronically through our online service provided by the library.