Women's and Children's Patient and Family Advisory Council

Women’s and Children’s Hospital is committed to strengthening the partnership between care providers, patients, their families and anyone else interested in improving care at the hospital.

Blake and Gretchen Roberts, Women's and Children's Hospital Patient and Family Advisory Council

That’s why the hospital has created the Patient and Family Advisory Council. This group, made up of hospital staff members and patients, family members and others, is vital to creating a strong partnership that will improve health care experiences for everyone.

What does the council do?

Patient and family advisors work with staff, nurses and doctors to address issues in specific care areas. Members’ care experiences will help inform the council about ways the hospital can improve the health care experience.

The goal is to consider, design, implement and evaluate health care programs and policies that help assure the best possible care for patients and their families.

Some of our accomplishments include:

  • Active participation in the Clinical Integration project, movement of services at Women's and Children's Hospital to one campus
  • Creation of a patient map that helps families navigate the hospital environment and throughout Columbia.
  • Assisted in providing feedback on the Patient Satisfaction Process to help aid in Patient Experience
  • Assisted in providing feedback on the Bedside Report Process
  • Engaged in a research project with the Neonatal Intensive Care
  • Participated in a work group focused on improving patient safety regarding central line infections
  • Participated in the Skin and Wound Assessment Team to improve care for patients
  • Participated in various external speaking engagements
  • Provided feedback for the Amish Community Payback Project
  • Active participation in the Statewide Patient and Family Advisory Board
  • Active participation in the Child’s Readmission Committee

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View our patient and visitor resources available during an appointment or hospital stay.

What are the qualities of a council member?

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital Patient and Family Advisory Council is always looking for people interested in volunteering their time to serve on the council.

A member:

  • Collaborates on solutions
  • Has passion for enhancing the health care experience
  • Listens well
  • Respects diversity and differing opinions
  • Sees beyond his or her own personal experience
  • Shares insights and experience in productive ways

Application for WCH Patient and Family Advisory Council

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Pending review of your application, we will contact you via email or phone. Of those selected for interview, we will set a time and date convenient to Zoom with you. After the phone interview, chosen participants must complete a formal application that includes a background check, drug screening, tuberculosis testing and verification of certain immunizations at no cost to you.

All information contained on this form is considered confidential and is intended for use only by MU Health and the Women's and Children's Patient and Family Advisory Council.