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Last Updated: 1200 May 14

We are in Continued Active Response Environment to COVID-19, or C.A.R.E. to enable us to be agile in our operations based on changes in COVID-19 prevalence in our community.
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At MU Health Care and the MU School of Medicine, our mission is to save and improve lives. Regardless of the situation, we live out this mission each and every day.

  • In response to COVID-19, we activated our electronic incident command system (eICS) on March 9. Leaders directly involved in managing our preparedness efforts and who have participated in required training are using this system. Huddles are held twice a day. We also have a daily email. See past editions.
  • See the COVID-19 Power BI dashboard for the latest data. Note: You must login with If you receive a permission required notice, hit “close” to continue to the dashboard.
  • Leadership messages (May 4)


Town Hall Meetings

We look forward to answering more of your questions as we navigate the COVID-19 situation together. Please let us know your questions using the link below.

If you have a specific Human Resources-related question, please submit your question through Ask HR.

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Guidelines for COVID-19 Exposure Risk

MU Health Care Staff Health and Work Injury, in conjunction with Infection Control, have developed guidelines for exposure risk related to COVID-19. These guidelines are established to assess your risk before exposure to COVID-19 and following an exposure in the workplace. See the staff exposure plan (Update May 8) for more information and access the forms below.

Staff Scripting

For patients who ask about coronavirus: Your safety is our top priority. We are continuously monitoring recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ensure we are following best practices. We have a web page dedicated to providing information and answers to frequently asked questions about Coronavirus. That website is For other questions, the state has a hotline number that can be reached by calling 877-435-8411.

COVID-19 Assessment, Testing

First Responder Testing (March 19)


Patients can be assessed for free by using our video visit service. They should select the "COVID19" option. When assessing patients with COVID-19 symptoms, providers will not need to ask about travel or other risk factors before ordering a test.

Testing (April 20)

MU Health Care has a new process for rapid testing. Drive-thru testing is open 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday and closed Sunday. Testing is only for people with physician orders. MU Health Care and affiliate physicians can input orders via the electronic medical record or the video visits platform. See map of area. Drive-thru testing will no longer be offered for any conditions other than COVID-19. Read the SBAR.


When a physician orders a COVID-19 test, an automatic ‘consult’ goes to Infection Control. IF the test is positive, Infection Control notifies the Health Department. Our call center will contact patients with results.

Medical Records (March 27)

Staff Guidance, HR Questions

Many common questions are answered in our Employee FAQs (Update May 14). This document is being updated as new information is available. Additionally, FAQs about COVID-19 payroll reduction measures (New May 7) are now available. A COVID Leave Guide (April 17) for leaders and timekeepers is also available and outlines paid administrative leave instructions.

Tiger Food Pantry (April 13)

MU Health Care staff who are in extra need of food can now order food and household products for themselves and their families through the Tiger Food Pantry. This new collaboration was brought together by MU Health Care’s African Heritage Employee Resource Group.
Tiger Food Pantry’s curbside pickup and delivery services are available from 4:30 to 6 p.m. on Wednesdays and 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sundays.
To request pickup or delivery services, or to make a donation to support Tiger Food Pantry, please read this document.

COVID-19 Premium Pay (April 10)

We are implementing a COVID-19 premium pay program for specific departments and roles, with the greatest risk for Coronavirus exposure (determined exclusively by MUHC leadership). This program is effective beginning April 19 and is in effect until further notice. Premium Pay Program | Areas of Eligibility

Labor Pool Information (April 10)

Bethany Naughton is the Incident Command Labor Pool Leader. If leaders have a staffing need in their area, they should fill out the Labor Request Form (Excel download) and email it to Christi Harper Walsh Please send two days in advance of need, when possible. Labor pool contact information: 573-882-2939,

The Labor Pool is set up to handle COVID-19 related staff needs primarily due to (1) New tasks needed due to COVID-19 (i.e. extra housekeeping for infection control, door screeners taking temps, new child care services to enable our staff to come to work, etc.) and (2) Teams being short-staffed because regular team members are ill or quarantined. The staffing office (under Marla Smith) provides back-up to the Labor pool on evenings and weekends.

Any leader who has not received an invitation to provide staffing availability updates should contact the Labor Pool at to provide their name, team(s) for which they will provide staffing updates, and their email address. They can also request access for a delegate who will provide updates on their behalf.

Labor pool information (PDF)
Staffing Guidance for Leaders (PDF)

Child Care (April 13)

Childcare Availability List: Staff, faculty and students from MU Health Care and Mizzou have offered to provide child care for health care employees. If you can provide any child care, please enter your details here. If you are looking for child care, search this database and contact the person directly.

MU Health Care Temporary Day Care: MU Health Care has established a temporary day care to assist our employees during this time. Find more information on eligibility and how to enroll.

Missouri Hospital Association Child Care Needs Assessment: A state-wide team is working to develop a list of childcare needs for health care and other critical staff across the state to ensure that those individuals are able to work. To help get resources to our community, please fill out this survey.

Vacation and Personal Leave: Employees can use vacation and personal leave for pay, per normal HR policies. Leader discretion will be applied to this, as appropriate.

Well-Being Resources (April 15)

With the ongoing and ever-changing COVID-19 situation, MU Health Care takes pride in our employees and their tireless efforts to support our mission to save and improve lives. In order to provide continued support, we are providing information and opportunities to continue to support your well-being. Check out our Well-Being Resources and watch our video on well-being.

Visitor Guidelines (March 22)

In a Level III Response, our visitor guidelines are modified as follows: No visitors with exceptions: partner/coach in L&D, one parent/guardian of a child, non-english speakers, and patient nearing end of life (on a case-by-case basis). Entrances will be limited to one at University Hospital, one at Women's and Children's Hospital and one at Missouri Orthopaedic Institute. We are also screening visitors and patients for illness, canceling elective procedures and ending valet service. See the plan.

Employee Entrances, Screening (Update May 12)

We are screening everyone, including staff, for illness at all clinical locations including PCCLC School of Medicine entrance. (See staff screening guidelines.) Staff entrances for those locations are the following: UH patient and visitor garage first floor (24/7); MUPC – TAPS/ground floor (24/7); MOI – second floor skywalk from Parking Structure 7 (24/7); School of Medicine west entrance to PCCLC (0600-1600 M-F); WCH - Health Pavilion east side entrance (24/7); and Clinic building entrances (operating hours). Staff in non-clinical areas where we do not screen should self-monitor and report symptoms following the Staff Screening Stations SBAR.

Temporary housing (March 25)

We are offering temporary housing to employees who work in COVID-19 clinical areas and are concerned with exposing family members, employees who need to be quarantined, or employees who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and have mild symptoms and need to isolate from others.

To request temporary housing, fill out the Housing Form and send it to

Travel Guidelines

University of Missouri announced all university-related non-essential international and domestic travel is suspended until April 12, including previously approved travel. This includes travel connected to university activities or programs for all faculty, staff and students, whether that travel is funded by the university, an external grant, or any other sources. This travel suspension applies to MU Health Care employees as well.

At this time, we are not restricting personal travel. HR encourages employees to consider wide-spread airline cancellations, border closings and other issues as they consider their travel plans. If an employee knowingly travels to a destination considered to have wide-spread community transmission, and is required to quarantine upon return home, they may negate their eligibility for any administrative leave while quarantined/isolated.


If an employee is required to isolate or quarantine by a physician or public health officials, those absences should not count as an occurrence or violation of our attendance policy. Required quarantines will not impact or exclude employees from participating in any special staffing programs such as the nurse weekender program, mental health tech weekend program, etc. Administrative leave is available to support employees with pay during these isolations/quarantines, up to 15 days.

Remote Working - IT Form, Security, Teams (March 26)

Equipment form: If you are taking IT equipment to work remotely, Tiger Institute needs to know where it's going. Fill out this form and email it to

Security: Please follow these tips to work cyber securely: An Info Second Of Your Time. If you use Zoom, please follow these security tips.

Microsoft Teams: As we conduct more virtual visits during our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our clinical areas will be relying heavily on Zoom. To offload demand, UM System asks that administrative employees who are working remotely switch to Microsoft Teams to avoid stressing the technical capacities of Zoom. Teams is an alternative platform similar to Zoom that enables users to host audio, video and web conferences.

Read these instructions for downloading and using Teams. The tool is best used to facilitate video conferencing, but Teams offers a number of other ways to support collaboration in the virtual workplace. Note: Protected Health Information (PHI) should not be included in Teams communications. Zoom for Healthcare is the preferred platform for anyone in a clinical area.

Update Your Veterans Status in myHR (March 20)

As MU Health Care makes staffing plans, we would like to identify potential service member deployments. Correct information will help us create a more thorough contingency plan.

Veterans can update their veteran status in myHR. If you have issues updating your information, please email your veteran status to HR at Note: This is a voluntary request and employees are not required to report their status.

Engagement, GROW, Rounding, Modules, Annual Health Screenings (March 26)

To allow us to focus on our most pressing needs, we are making changes to several administrative processes. Read more.

Employee Offers (April 24)

In recognition of the lifesaving work you do, some local businesses are offering employees free goods or services. See the list. If you are aware of additional offers to our employees, please email us.

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