Breast Enlargement Recovery: A Few Things to Expect

photo of woman

Be prepared for what to expect after breast enlargement surgery at University of Missouri Health Care. You will have gauze over the incisions. Your breasts will be wrapped in an elastic bandage or supported by a special bra. The stitches may be removed in about two weeks.

You may have some swelling, bruising, and soreness in your breasts for several weeks after the surgery. Some women also have a burning feeling in their nipples right after surgery.

  • Wearing a support bra 24 hours a day can help reduce swelling while your breasts heal.
  • Your doctor may give you medicine to help with the pain.

You will probably be able to return to most of your normal activities within a few days. You will need to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise until your doctor says it is safe.

You will have scars after breast enlargement surgery. But they are usually in areas that are not easily seen, such as under the breast or around the areola. Scars usually fade after a few months. If you also have a breast lift, you will have larger scars that are easier to see.

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