Putting Others First

Eight-year-old raises money for wigs for cancer patients

photo of Cora

When 8-year-old Cora Hatfield heard her mom say she was wearing pink to raise awareness for cancer, Cora got to thinking about what she could do to make a difference. "My great aunt Mary had breast cancer, and it was very sad when she lost her hair," Cora said. "It made me want to help people like her."

Cora decided to take her passion for making rubber band bracelets and use it to raise money for wigs for cancer patients. In one night, she made 25 bracelets — each taking 10-15 minutes to loom. When she made her donation to the Ellis Fischel Wig Fund, Cora left a bracelet and card for a future wig recipient.

My name is Cora. I am 8 years old. I am giving you money to buy you a wig. I raised the money by making [bracelets] like the one I left for you.

I am praying for you.

Cora <3

Edlyn Donovan, supervisor of Ellis Boutique, said she was surprised when Cora brought in her donation.

"You just don't see children Cora's age who are so generous with their funding," Donovan said. "Most of them want to buy things for themselves, but Cora wanted to do something for others. She was so genuine — and pretty specific that she wanted the funding to go toward helping someone with a wig."

Working in the Ellis Boutique, Donovan knows the importance of wigs for cancer patients: "For many, getting a wig is part of your self-image," she said. "When you lose your hair, you might feel like you've lost a part of who you are. When patients get wigs, it can help regain confidence and self-esteem."

Cora says she hopes the recipient is excited and feels happy when she gets a wig and one of Cora's bracelets. We have no doubt that will be the case.

Thank you, Cora, for thinking of our patients and setting an excellent example!