Warm Welcome: Dave Covert

Dave Covert describes his position as a care team associate at MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Photo of Dave Covert with patient at MU Women's and Children's Hospital.
Dave Covert, care team associate, greets visitor Joshua Cruz at MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital. In his role, Covert ensures patients and families get the assistance they need when they first arrive at the hospital.

About Me

For 35 years, I worked for Union Carbide/Dow Chemical and spent approximately 18 years of my career in Houston. In 2010, my wife and I retired and moved to Columbia to be closer to our kids and now our granddaughter. I wanted to find a job that was more people-oriented than my last one, and this position seemed like the perfect fit.

About My Role

I’m the first face people see when they come into the hospital. Often adults experience high emotional and stress levels as they arrive here at MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital as either the patient or parents of the patient. My goal is to engage them in a cheerful and helpful manner while assessing what they need and where they need to go.

First impressions are so important. Our clinical care can be exceptional, but often what is remembered is how they were greeted and how they were treated when they left.

Favorite Part of My Job

I get a kick out of spoiling the kids who come in here. Our child life coordinator, as well as other benevolent people, keeps me stocked with some small toys, crayons, coloring books, etc. to give out at the front desk. One of my younger patients loves the color purple, so I make sure I always have something purple up here to give her when she comes in.

I do see a lot of repeat patients. There’s one who’s now 16 years old, and she’s been coming here since she was 9, before she could even look over the counter.

I like to talk directly to the kids, not just the parents. I’ll get down on their level, ask how they’re doing and just listen. One of the greatest blessings of this job is the relationship I build with both parents and kids.

Culture of ‘YES’

I truly embrace the YES campaign at MU Health Care and its focus on caring: offering our visitors an engaging, warm welcome; anticipating their needs; and exceeding their expectations.

Customer service is everything. People deserve to be treated well. It’s just the right thing to do.