Young Patient Gives Courageous Gift to Children's Hospital

Macy and her family visit Children's Hospital
Macy and her family visit Children's Hospital
Macy and her family visit Children's Hospital

In 2016, Macy’s doctors discovered a rare noncancerous tumor in her jaw.

The then-9-year-old and her family traveled from northeast Missouri to Women's and Children's Hospital for treatment.

Upon her arrival, Macy was enrolled in Beads of Courage, a national program that awards young patients with beads when they hit milestones in their recovery. Patients store the beads in a cloth bag for safekeeping.

“I always looked forward to getting my beads,” Macy said. “At the end of my treatment, it was kind of amazing to look back and think, ‘Wow, I had over 500 needle sticks!’ ”

Macy spent approximately one year receiving daily injections at home and making monthly trips to Women’s and Children’s Hospital for outpatient clinic visits. Even during this extremely busy time, she still managed to pick up a few new hobbies, one of which happened to be sewing, something she learned from a family friend, “Grandma” Meredith Willcox.

During her trips to the hospital, Macy noticed that there weren’t enough bead bags for all of the patients, so she quickly put her new sewing skills to work.

“I was on the Beads of Courage website, and I saw a section that teaches you how to make your own bead bags,” Macy said. “I thought it would be neat to give back to other kids at the hospital and give them something to look forward to.”

Macy originally planned to sew 12 bead bags, but that number quickly grew to 2,000 thanks to support from The Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild of Kirksville. Willcox, a member of the guild, organized several “Quilt ‘til you wilt” sessions, during which members produced bead bags in assembly-line fashion using fabrics donated by the community.

Macy and Willcox — along with Macy’s father, Lathe; mother, Amy; and brother, Max — deliver batches of hand-made bead bags to the Blood Disorder and Cancer Unit at Women’s and Children’s Hospital. They have been doing so since August 2018.

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