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Bariatric Online Seminar Quiz

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Bariatric Seminar Quiz

* To qualify for bariatric surgery, you must:
* Diagnostic tests may be required prior to surgery to assess your health and make sure you are safe to undergo weight loss surgery.
* You are required to complete a psychiatric evaluation before surgery. A psychiatric evaluation can only be performed by:
* Before surgery you will be required to:
* Adjustable gastric banding involves the placement of a prosthetic device around the upper portion of the stomach that restricts food intake. In order to be successful with adjustable gastric banding, you need:
* You are at an increased risk for complications after weight loss surgery if:
* You are required to stop smoking three months before surgery and remain smoke-free for life.
* If you have a BMI greater than 60 you will be required to lose weight to become a candidate for weight loss surgery.
* What is the most important nutrient at a meal after surgery?
* After surgery it is acceptable to drink carbonated beverages, such as regular or diet soda and beer.
* After surgery, specially-designed bariatric vitamin and mineral supplements are required for how long? These supplements are not paid for by insurance.
* Follow up is required 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, and annually for 5 years after surgery.


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    5:15 PM - 6:15 PM
    Missouri Bariatric Services hosts monthly support groups for those who are post-op in their weight loss journey.

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