At the heart of our Children’s Hospital is our mission to save and improve the lives of children and their families, so that each child can live the healthiest, most fulfilling life.

Designed with healing and comfort in mind, our new Children’s Hospital will go above and beyond to address the intangibles of care — the non-clinical aspects shown to improve treatment results and well-being. Every detail of our new facility has been thought through to provide the best environment, including:

  • A dedicated kid-friendly entrance designed to make check-ins and appointment navigation easy and convenient
  • An ADA accessible shuttle to assist families to and from their vehicles
  • A warm environment with colors, murals and rounded corners designed to create a softer feel and put kids at ease during treatment
  • Interactive clinic areas with toys and furniture that are inclusive for those with special needs
  • Special outdoor areas for kids to play as well as flower gardens and additional spaces to relax
  • A nature-inspired interior with natural lighting to promote healing
  • Rooms with built-in flexibility to create a more convenient and seamless experience