Staying Connected Through Email and Text Communication

At MU Health Care, we strive to make your care as convenient and seamless as possible, which includes the opportunity to receive timely unencrypted email and text communications, such as appointment reminders and updates. The following explains what you can expect.

Opting Into Communications

We respect the privacy of our patients and have created an opt-in process that asks for your permission to send you any form of unencrypted communication. This is done during your appointment registration via our Email and Text Message Consent Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of emails and texts will I receive?

Our communications may include appointment reminders, post-care surveys, care coordination activities and notifications regarding new services, providers and events.

What if I don’t want to receive text or email communications?

That’s okay! Opting out of text and email communications doesn’t affect your health care. Instead, we will call or mail you a letter if we need to communicate with you. You can also use HEALTHConnect, our online patient portal, to message your care team, even if you opt out of text and email communications.

Can I choose one method over the other?

Yes! Once you opt in to receiving communications, you can let your patient service representative know your which method you prefer during your appointment registration or check-in.

What happens if I change my mind?

If you opt out and decide later you want to opt in, you can update your form at your next appointment.

If you opt into communications and later decide you no longer want them, you can opt out at any time through unsubscribe links in the texts or emails, by calling your provider’s office or at a future appointment.

I already receive appointment reminders, so why am I being asked to sign a form now?

We are simply updating our records from a verbal consent to a written consent. If you opt in, everything you’re used to receiving will remain the same. If you choose to opt out, we will stop all text and unencrypted email communications, including reminders.

What does unencrypted mean?

Unencrypted emails are emails that are not protected by additional security measures, such as a passcode or platform that requires additional logins. For example, messages sent to you via HEALTHConnect, our online patient portal, are encrypted because they require you and your care team to log into HEALTHConnect, a secure platform.

Are there any risks?

Patient safety and privacy is a top priority of MU Health Care. Unencrypted email and text communications always run a small risk of being intercepted or accessed improperly, but we have measures in place to ensure your information stays protected.

Read our privacy policy to learn more.